Mattamy Homes的老板身家27亿,加拿大财富排名第33

Peter Gilgan是建商Mattamy Homes的老板,1978年从事建筑行业,现在六十多岁,建造过七万套房子,目前身家接近三十亿,看来大家每买一套新房,他就会赚到五万左右。Peter Gilgan在2015年收购了Monarch Corp.,进军高层建筑,Peter Gilgan也做慈善,曾给SICK KIDS、St. Michael’s Hospital捐款数千万。最后一点:Peter Gilgan这个人住在Oakville。


Canadas Richest People Peter Gilgan


Peter Gilgan

Net Worth: $2.71 billion

Change from 2016: ▲11.6%
Rich 100 rank: #33
Change in rank from 2016: ▲4
Major company holdings: Mattamy Homes
Location: Oakville, Ont.
Age: 65

Peter Gilgan’s business, Mattamy Homes, has been doing a lot of building this year—and not just in the literal sense (though there certainly has been plenty of that). In June, the company announced three significant acquisitions in the Orlando, Fla., area—two raw land tracts and a “short-term rental community” project—that will increase its presence in the city by 1,650 lots.

That Mattamy is so focused on suburb-friendly Florida should come as no surprise: Gilgan built his fortune by building out. Since its launch nearly 40 years ago, Mattamy Homes has constructed 70,000 suburban homes across Ontario, Alberta and the United States. Now Mattamy appears to be positioning itself for a slightly more urban identity: In 2015, it bought Monarch Corp., the Canadian arm of U.S.-based Taylor Morrison Home Corp., which will allow it to scale up its mid- and high-rise construction capabilities. To coincide with this urban push, Gilgan moved Mattamy’s legal, IT, HR and marketing departments to a new 55th-floor office in one of the TD Centre towers in the heart of Toronto’s financial district.

Gilgan seems intent on building his legacy, too. The 17-storey Peter Gilgan Patient Care Tower at Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital—a project to which he donated $30 million —is currently under construction and set to open in 2017.

Peter Gilgan is one of Canada's biggest homebuilders. His Mattamy Homes has counted more than 70,000 homeowners as customers since he founded the company in 1978. Inspired by the New Urbanism movement, Gilgan set out to build suburban dwellings that broke from the bland and impersonal developments he saw popping up around Canada at the time. Mattamy (named after the two oldest of his eight children, Matt and Amy) began designing and building entire planned communities from the ground up in 1986. Gilgan remains CEO and is making a big push to expand his U.S. operations: The company hopes to be doing 50% of its business in America within the next five years. In 2012 Gilgan pledged $40 million to help build the Peter Gilgan Centre of Research at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children and in 2014 he donated $30 million to Toronto's St. Michael's Hospital for a 17-story patient care tower.




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